Friday, November 4, 2011

Back: Proper Exposure

I joined the Clickin Mom's forums at the suggestion of a hobbyist-gone-pro photographer that I know.

I've been poking around and one thing has become very clear very quickly. I've been technically lazy when it comes to shooting.

So, I'm back. I am going to write here and give examples of what I am working on because I think it'll help me to grow.

The 1st thing I am tackling is in camera exposure. I want the tweaking of light to be minimal in post production. That means really assessing my location and slowing down. It means shooting more and using my histogram to show where I am.  It means trying to use my reflector and diffuser more.

Today I dragged the boys out into the yard for the late afternoon light. As luck would have it the glow was gone and for the most part the light was pretty flat.  We bounced some light around on my white vest and on my reflector.  I got about 10 minutes before they were off doing their thing.

So,  I really worked on metering for proper exposure.  I worked on playing with focus approaches to get nice sharp eyes.  But it was around 4 and not very bright,  so I had to punch up my ISO which ruins everything.  Next time I'm playing around in the flat light I'll try nailing the fill flash.

Anyway... this is what I came up with, and while they aren't great pictures, I think that technically they are pretty accurate in terms of exposure and focus.  Eyes are sharp,  no enormous clipped highlights,  and the barest bit of blowing the blacks-  but that happens with black shirts-  and I don't care if the inside of his shirt sleeve is underexposed.

I am hoping for some sun tomorrow so I can practice my back lighting a bit.  If not,  the flash comes out.


  1. OMG, you posted! You have no idea how much I've missed this. You always make me want to be a better photographer. I've mostly been playing with my iPhone camera lately and thinking more about composition than anything else. I love reading your analysis of your shoots though.

  2. Annette, you are the absolute best.