Tuesday, May 25, 2010


After the last PCC meeting I decided to try shooting in RAW again.  I need to work on my processes though.  Shooting in RAW means that the camera throws away less information than if you shoot in Jpeg.  It also means that every image needs to be tweaked a little,  but the end result ends up looking more...  well...  more.

So when we went to the Sea Dog's game the other night,  I should have switched out of RAW and shot in Jpeg.  They were a few snaps to remember a moment...  not an effort to really create a photo.  So,  jpeg would've been easier to deal with after the fact.

Blogger won't let me upload a RAW or dng file because they are too big.  But following is an edited RAW image and an edited jpeg.  The advantages of the RAW file as I see them are:  a truer color, more detail in the highlights, and a wider color palette which allows for a less "choppy" background.

If I knew my way around CS3 better I feel like I could make the RAW image more distinctive- better than it is.

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