Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Hers and Mine

Last night I thought about the site and what my hopes are, and today I'm deciding to share a picture of mine (or 2) and a picture from Flickr.

I have a thing for poppies. I don't know why I don't grow them, but I love them. What I love about Laura Mary's photo is the softness of the yellow/green/blueish-purple/white bokeh behind the soft red poppy and also the clarity of the stem.

This one has a depth of field that I like pretty well. The sharp of the flower and soft spotty blur behind- made of daisies and more primrose. I look forward to sun for lighter lovely blur.

pretty flower

And one of mine that I know I can do better. A couple of small flowers hidden among ripening blueberries behind our church. Aidan found it while he was scoping out some early berries and asked me to take a picture of it. It was a gray day, but I like the contrast of the pink against the green and the shapes of the bokeh in the back. If the sun ever comes out again then I would like to go back and get some blue in the background.

church flower

Monday, June 29, 2009

A Week With a View

Rob sent me a link to Christopher S. Penn's post A Week With a View. I love the concept- the idea of looking into other people's perceptions of beauty. I am looking forward to following along and seeing what other people see.

I've decided to modify it a bit here, though. I am keenly aware of the fact that I don't appreciate the bounty of beauty that presents itself to me daily. I allow it to be overshadowed by stresses and worries and melancholia.

So, in effort to key into the beauty around me, my adaptation will involve posting a photo from my own Flickr photostream here.

So, it's about thankfulness and awareness and appreciation. I think I'll try to post a person and non-person each time.


Sandy Lucy

Lucy covered in sand is summer to me. As an adult the idea of being covered in sand makes me squirmy and itchy- but look at the light in her smile.


Berries 2

Good enough to eat, right? So red and shiny and succulent.

Thanks, Chris, for the inspiration. Any photos I post will link through to my Flickr page.


By starting this new blog I'm responding to a shift. Over the past months my creative calories have shifted away from writing and into learning to take better pictures. I have been struggling with that shift but have decided to let it flow and see what's next. So I am.

It's about being creative and positive!