Sunday, August 9, 2009


We have a few tiny but sweet cherry tomatoes.

And last week we went to a new lake and my neutral density filter pulled out lovely contrast in the clouds.


  1. holy smokes
    LOOK at those tomatoes!
    was that done in direct sunlight?

    the clouds are so perfect
    most photo clouds look flat and smudged
    cool filter!

    i keep wanting to push the marker post thingy out of the way though
    it keeps saying look at me!
    and i reply
    stop hogging the photo, move over

  2. Love what you're doing with the ND filters. I've recently become a fan of shooting with a borrowed ND filter as I haven't been able to find one for ANY of my glass! But I'm not giving up.

    Beautiful capture!

    Audrey at Barking Mad!