Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Update: Capturing

One of my 2010 words is "capturing," and part of that is to engage more in the online photo community. Over the past 12 days I've made efforts to sink more deeply into the communities on Flickr.  I've joined new groups and have expanded my contacts and been more active in leaving comments and checking out what's been happening.  It's fun!

At it's best, Flickr provides an opportunity for photographers and aspiring photographers to hang out together and "talk" about what they are trying to accomplish and share their efforts.  It's like a meet-up where people can show their work and give and get critiques, support and encouragement.  It's also an opportunity to soak in the images of other folks, to learn from them, and immerse in the passion of people who want to learn and grow and share. The best part is that everyone I've "met" so far has been positive-  which isn't to say they aren't offering suggestions and opinions,  but they do it in a helpful respectful manner.

And that's why I love Flickr.

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