Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Effort

Some wikked smaht people are sharing their 3 words for 2010. Chris is (he better be, he started it) and Jon is and I'm hoping that Nancy and Emily and Marc will. Despite the fact that I'm late coming to the party, ideas have been rolling around for the past couple of months. Tonight I thought it was the right time to nail them out.

2010 will be about Capturing.

I'll learn more about the Art of photography. What do I love about photos? What photographers do I love and which ones do I hate? Where do I want to go with my camera? What do I want to see and how will I frame it? How can I be useful and how can I learn from the communities I've been on the fringe of?

One way that I will do this is here. I will pull things in and look at them more closely. I will be doing a photo project- a series of them, actually. Some may last a week, some a day, some a month. I have been trouble defining a project, so I'll do many different ones.

Starting today!

2010 will be about Embracing

I will be more productive, more helpful, more balanced if I embrace the way I spend my days. I've had 4 months with the kids back in school (theoretically, anyway). I've been inconsistent with what I need to do to have a balanced life. I have been completely out of sync with... well... everything. Embrace plans, embrace lists, embrace schedules, embrace what I have to do so that I can make room for what I love to do.

I think this will create opportunities to fall in love with new things, too.

2010 will be about Releasing

It will be the year of the Hatch. Our family will make the right choices about how to be together.
I'll let go of what was and accept what is.
I'll engage in developing new and existing relationships that are supportive, engaging, and respectful. I will invest in these relationships.

Capture. Embrace. Release.

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