Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Photoshop: defining a style

Another long break. Hoping once again to be better.

I did an impromptu shoot with Lucy in the yard today. It was a gorgeous day and the light was pretty and at a good angle for some more back lighting. Unfortunately, my background options are snow, asphalt, or dreary bare trees. Here I am just playing with some different editing styles.

Some questions that come up...

Is this part of defining my style?  Is it ok to have a variety of styles like this?

Part of me says,  oh sure, of course.  

But part of me says,  look at these photos on display together...  they aren't cohesive.  They aren't telling a story.  Together they don't work. 

Therefore, in a presentation to a client they should be much more similar in style,  or broken into different clusters.  This is my homework,  due later this week.

What say you?

Interestingly, or perhaps I should say that I find it interesting that the images were all a bit more blue hued in their original state.  Like the one pictured below.  Clearly, I prefer warmer tones when we are talking about a little girl on a winter's afternoon.

And you,  my 3 readers...  how are you? :-)

1 comment:

  1. I was worried about defining a style for a while and then I gave up because I really didn't understand what that meant. Then I posted an image that was a little out of the ordinary for me and someone told me that it wasn't quite my style. Apparently, I'd had one all along but didn't realize it.

    What I believe I've come to understand is that your style is a result of creating images that you like and your personality will shine through.

    As for any particular photo shoot I would recommend you stick to one particular look to the images and throw in one or two different ones as you see fit for a more cohesive collection. Four or five colour images and then a stunning black and white can certainly work but four or five different image editing techniques in one collection is a bit confusing.

    As for the other two readers, I will let them chime in with their opinions.

    Cheers! :)