Monday, February 1, 2010


Last week I decided to do a week of people. I managed to shoot 5 people, one dog and some markers.

This week I am going to do all outdoor shots.

I found my Kelby book and am reading it again.

I've noticed my pictures seem much less sharp then they need to be, and often with a lot of noise. I remember, at some point in the last year, thinking that this camera body would suffice for a good long while, not really feeling its limitations. My biggest complaint is the noise in low light situations (which I am shooting more of in an effort to own them).  I am using 2 pictures as an example,  but I also want to say that I think noise CAN compliment a photo-  I don't hate the effect of it in this example,  but I'd rather it was always intentional.

It's a bit inconsistent though. Take this shot of Rob's hands:

The black isn't really black and  there's a lot of noise.  It was shot at ISO 200, 1/50, f/5.6.  I did lighten it a bit, applied a gradient map, and did a slight crop.

Then here's Lucy:
Now this was also shot at ISO 200, 1/50, f/5.6.  This is straight out of the camera without editing.  much crisper.  Much more black.  She was closer to the light source.

So,  yeah.  I need to operate what I've got with greater consistency in low light,  but I'd also someday like to have a camera that handles these lighting situations with less fuss.

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  1. Hey Meg. I say you left a comment asking me questions about street photography. I think you misunderstood...these are photographs from other people's websites (The Sartorialist, FaceHunter, etc). I gave credits at the end.

    Hope that clears up the confusion! Good luck on your photography adventures :)