Saturday, October 24, 2009


Friday I blew off all of the things I "shoulda" done and took pictures instead. It was the perfect--dramatic pause--perfect fall day and I am so glad that it's how I spent it.

More Photos Here.

Sometimes... sometimes it's good to just walk away for a day. Leave the worries- the things that are bogging you down and making you sad and instead CREATE. It doesn't chase the sadness away for good- but it does offer a needed reprieve.

Thanks for being here.


  1. Fall seems like the perfect time to take pictures. I love the one with the solo leaf so much!

  2. sad as i am to take lucy and the sprinkler off my desktop
    esp hearing harold exclaim "Wucy Mama! Dat is Wucy!"
    i have now put up another one of yours
    you've been on my screen since you started this
    i think the one i used is called "cove"